George Washington is Back Home

After more than a year away, George Washington has finally returned to his home on West Wisconsin Avenue at the Court of Honor. Originally donated to the city by Elizabeth Plankinton in 1885, the bronze statue was removed in the summer of 2016 for restoration by Andrzej Dajnowski of Conservation of Sculpture & Objects Studio, Inc. in northern Illinois.

A fundraising campaign was started by the Westown Association to underwrite the statue’s restoration in 2014.  The project was financially supported by many downtown businesses, the Milwaukee Arts Board as well as local patrons of history and public art.  The group raised about $75,000 to cover the cost of restoring both George Washington and the Mother and Child monument.

Westown is working to raise another $30,000 to complete the restoration of the Spanish-American War Hero and Civil War Monuments which are also located in the Court of Honor along West Wisconsin Avenue. For more information on the Court of Honor or to make a contribution to support the project, please click here .

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